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Stenography Services

A stenographer uses a unique shorthand to provide accurate verbatim transcript and can write at over 200 words a minute with 99.9% accuracy. Stenographers also produce captions for television broadcast and other live online events.

At Word for Word Australia our stenographers are highly experienced and trained in all aspects of documenting the spoken word, giving us the capabilities to meet all your needs and expectations as our client.

The coronavirus has changed the way the world does business. It is difficult to plan face-to-face meetings or host large business events in person. Who can predict how people will be living in six months’ time? Events are now being hosted online, or a hybrid of both live and online to accommodate for everyone. Realtime stenographers can use their skills to provide high-quality customised captions and instant transcripts. As you speak, the words are accurately appearing on a screen.

If you operate in an environment that prohibits the recording of audio, we can provide a stenographer in person.

When you need a verbatim transcript of important events such as expert conclaves, board meetings, AGMs, company announcements, doorstops, interviews, arbitrations or disciplinary hearings our stenographers are here to provide you with the highest quality stenography service available.

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Verbatim Transcripts

WFWA’s stenographers produce accurate, verbatim transcripts for a range of events, including:

  • Meetings of expert witnesses (expert conclaves or joint conferences)
  • Arbitrations
  • Board meetings and AGMs
  • Corporate events
  • Conferences
  • Court and tribunal hearings
  • Depositions and witness statements
  • Disciplinary hearings
  • Enterprise agreement negotiations
  • Insurance interviews
  • Official Inquiries
  • Online web events

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All files and transcribed documents sent via client login are SSL encrypted for maximum security.

All WFWA stenographers adhere to strict confidentiality and privacy requirements. Additional confidentiality or security clearances can be arranged upon request as needed. Additionally, our stenographers have the capacity to certify verbatim transcripts of official proceedings.

WFWA adheres to the Australian Privacy Principles and international equivalents and conforms with the Privacy Act (1988).

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