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Realtime Court Reporting

As the world transforms into a more technology-driven domain, real-time court reporting supplies court reporters with improved tools to present accurate translation and transcription at a quicker pace. Improvements in streaming technology have redefined court reporting, enabling you to stream and retrieve data over the internet and rule out every participant meeting in one location.

We can arrange for the stenographer to be present in the room, or alternatively dial into a streaming service.

Realtime reporting is the instant translation of a stenographer’s shorthand into English. Your computer, tablet or phone will display the translation directly in front of you. Testimony appears on your screen within seconds in draft form for you to analyse.

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Court Reporting - Word for Word Australia
Court Reporting - Word for Word Australia

Advantages to using a real-time court reporting service:

  • Quick access to verbal testimony – permits all parties in the courtroom and remotely, including counsel, judiciary, associates, and assistants to have instant access to rough drafts of transcripts.
  • Utmost precision during litigation – Allows immediate access to previous questions, answers, or legal points. There is no need to retrieve and play back audio!
  • Prompt review – Because of its live features, real-time court reporting allows counsel’s team members to review answers simultaneously during the interrogation process. Parties can confidentially make notes side by side with the testimony to highlight inconsistencies.
  • Correcting misstatements – Enables you to instantly catch an unclear word or phrase or unusual spellings and correct if required. This removes any guesswork and means the final transcript is of the highest quality.
  • Troubleshoot easily – Does the witness have a strong accent? Is the audio compromised in some way? Are parties talking over one another? You can quickly see and rectify issues to ensure that the final transcript is accurate.

Security Assurance

Our stenographers and editors live and work in Australia. We do not send any of your information offshore. All files are sent via client login and are SSL encrypted for maximum security.

We will work closely with you to ensure that your real-time is accurate and timely and your transcript is delivered on time. All our staff have a comprehensive knowledge of real-time services and will be contactable throughout that time to work through any issues with you. We will run tests with you in advance to ensure you are happy with what will take place on the day.